Compilation of Statements on the Ukraine Crisis

Here are collected various statements from Ukrainian, Russian, and other grassroots organizations on the Russian invasion of Ukraine issued during the first month of the war

Alexander Yarashu, Belarusian Union Leader: Russia’s War in Ukraine Is Not Our War. We Can Stop it, We Must Stop It!

CGT Spectacle, We Demand the Immediate Release of Ukrainian Political Prisoners Abducted by Russian Army

Oxana Timofeeva, Between War and Terror: A Letter from Russia

Journalists, Journalists’ Statement on Ukraine:

Socialists Against War – Russia, Russia: Manifesto of the “Socialists Against War” Coalition

Sotsialnyi Rukh (Social Movement), The Ukrainian “Social Movement” Appeal to Leftists

National Federation of Ports and Docks CGT, For Peace and Unity Among all Peoples

Unite Union / Unite the Union, Trade Union (Britain): Unite Executive Council – Statement on Ukraine crisis

Many organizations, Call to Demonstrate against the War in Ukraine

ITUC and ETUC, Ukraine: Putin’s War Must Stop

AFL-CIO, U.S. Unions Oppose Putin’s Invasion of Ukraine

Fedor Ustinov, Nao Hong, Interview with a Leftwing Ukrainian activist in Kyiv

Several Left Parties, Left solidarity with Ukraine

Arab and Middle Eastern Journalists Association (AMEJA), Statement from Arab and Middle Eastern Journalists Association on Ukraine

Social Movement (Ukraine), Appeal from Ukrainian socialists of Social Movement

Global Labour Institute, Worker Activists Call for Solidarity Against war

Croatian Women for Peace, Ukraine: Women’s Appeal for Peace (Croatia)

French Unions, Joint Declaration of French Unions

Mehdi Chebil, Exodus to the Ukraine-Poland border: “They turn us away because we’re black!”

Zapatista Army of National Liberation, Zapatista Statement on Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Open letter from Israel to the Russian Anti-War Movement

Feminist Anti-War Resistance, Russia’s Feminists Are in the Streets Protesting Putin’s War

Women in Black (Madrid), Women in Black Against War (Madrid)

Russian Cultural and Art Workers, An Open Letter from Russian Cultural and Art Workers Against the War with Ukraine

Chuang, Sharing the Shame: A Letter from Internationalists in China

Ignacy Jóźwiak and Witalij Machinko, Interview with Witalij Machinko, Workers’ Solidarity Union (Trudowa Solidarnist, Kiev)

New York State Nurses Association, Statement on Ukraine

Caminar, The absence of solidarity is a mistake and a denial of humanism

Anti-War Round Table of the Left, Resolution of the Anti-War Round Table of the Left forces

transform europe, Stop the War! An Appeal for a Europe of Peace

SUD-Rail and Solidaires, SUD-Rail and Solidaires demand free transport for refugees from Ukraine!

Chinese Professors, Our Attitude Towards Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

Japan Council against A and H Bombs (Gensuikyo), Letter of protest to President Putin of Russia

CNDP (India), Statement on Ukraine

Hong Kong University students, Statement of Hong Kong University students on the Russian invasion and war on ukraine

Independent Belarusian Labor Union BKDP, Belarusian Labor Union on War in Ukraine

Russian Scientists, A Call from Russian Scientists against War

Confederation of Labor of Russia (KTR), Confederation of Labor Russia, Communique on Ukraine Situation

Autonomous Action, Committee of Resistance, Food Not Bombs, Moscow, Russian and Ukrainian Anarchists Speak Out

Workers’ Initiative Union, Against war – for international workers’ solidarity! Statement of OZZ IP (Poland), member of the International Labor Network of Solidarity and Struggles Network

International Labor Solidarity Network, Stop Russian aggression in Ukraine!

Ukrainian Sectoral Trade Unions, Ukrainian Trade Unions on Situation in Ukraine

Solidarités Suisse, No to Russia’s Imperialist Aggression against Ukraine