Appeal from Ukrainian socialists of Social Movement.


Ukraine was directly attacked by Russian imperialism. Vladimir Putin ordered to violate the borders of Ukraine and launch missile strikes on its biggest cities. 10 civilians in Odessa and Donbass were already killed. A civilian in central Ukraine (Uman, Cherkasy Oblast) was also killed in the shelling. Russian soldiers, aircrafts and armored vehicles attack Ukrainian forces in all border regions (Kharkiv, Chernihiv, Volyn regions). Their rockets reaching cities even in western Ukraine (Ivano-Frankivsk). However, the defenders of Ukraine are currently fiercely resisting the occupiers.

The reason for this military operation is Putin’s imperial ambitions. His government wants to subdue the Ukrainian people, who do not support an authoritarian dictatorship.

In connection with these extraordinary circumstances, the government should nationalize strategic enterprises, as well as seize the property of billionaires to ensure public access to medicine, transport, housing, food. That is why the policy of the state should be aimed at ensuring the interests of workers who are at the forefront.

We consider it necessary to participate in volunteer activities and organize mutual assistance on the basis of trade unions and other communities.

WE CALL on socialists around the world to go to the streets and demand an end to Russian aggression in Ukraine, imposing severe sanctions on the Russian economy (disconnect from SWIFT, seize oligarchs’ property), withdraw Russian troops and stop bombing cities, write off Ukraine’s foreign debt and to help Ukraine in a humanitarian way.

It is time to fight together for independence, life and a free future! Solidarity will win!

24 February 2022

Source Ukraine Solidarity Campaign.

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