Author: Dan La Botz

Ukrainian Union Says Russia Interntionally attacks Civillians

The Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Ukraine (KVPU), a member organization of the International Trade Union Confederation and the European Trade Union Confederation, calls on the international community, the ITUC, the ETUC, and their member organizations, as well as the governments of democratic states, to strengthen their support for Ukraine.

Teamsters President Sean O’Brien Should Not Speak at the RNC

A speaking engagement at the Republican National Convention by Teamster President Sean O’Brien only normalizes the most anti-union party and President I’ve seen in my lifetime.

Socialists Should Advance Our Own Politics in 2024

The Democratic corporate centrist is the lesser evil to Trump, the wannabe rightwing dictator. But does that mean socialists should support the Democratic candidate to stop Trump?

Why Socialists Must Work to Defeat Trump and Elect Biden or Candidate X

A month ago, we had a debate in Solidarity on the question of the U.S. presidential election in which I argued the need to vote for Biden in order to defeat Trump.

France: We Need a Popular Front Based on the Social Movements

This thunderclap, which had been widely announced, must lead the popular and democratic forces of the left to unite in order to fight the evil at its roots. It’s five minutes to midnight!

On the Mexican Election: Manifesto of the Revolutionary Workers Party (PRT)

It is necessary to build a counter-hegemonic pole to the current “progressive” consciousness in order to grow into the revolutionary anti-capitalist consciousness.

Professor’s Letter in Support of Students in Geneva

I fully associate myself with the terms of the letter from the teachers and researchers of your university, in particular with their defense of academic freedom and respect for the formation of critical knowledge.

The Mexican Election – For an Independent, Anti-capitalist and Anti-Patriarchal Left Bloc.

In this panorama, different organizations and collectives of the independent left see the need to form an Independent, Anti-capitalist and Anti-Patriarchal Left Bloc to strengthen the organization and mobilization independent of the government and the right.

The Humboldt College Strike of 1970: Then It Was Vietnam, Today’s Its Palestine

At that time Humboldt State had about 5,000 students; about 3,000 showed up for the meeting and at least 2,000 students voted to strike.

The Exercise of Power in the Cuban Revolution: From Below or From Above?

The verticality of the 1959 revolutionary process took us by its own logic and dynamism to the extreme authoritarianism and total absence of democracy in today’s Cuba.

Politics at the Oscars

The best films nominees themselves were in many cases particularly political.

Mexico: Sheinbaum and the Generals

laudia Sheinbaum, the ruling party’s 2024 presidential candidate, does not have AMLO’s power and is unlikely to enjoy his level of support among legislators.

O’Brien, the Teamsters, TDU, and the Labor Left: A Controversy

An important discussion is taking place among Teamster activists about the leadership of Sean O’Brien. It is also a conversation about the part being played by of Teamsters for a Democratic Union.

On the Second Anniversary of Russia’s Invasion: Stand with Ukraine

Supporting the Palestinian cause, however, should not take away from the need to stand with Ukraine. In both cases, a stronger military power is attempting to occupy and deny self-determination to oppressed people.

Cornel West for President? – Part 7 – Ron Daniels for President- 1992

Ron Daniels decided to run for president in 1992 after his experience as national director of the Rainbow Coalition during Jesse Jackson’s 1988 presidential campaign.

The New U.S. Labor Movement

The labor movement in the United States is passing through a transition from the stagnation of the period from 1980-2010 to a new period of dynamic change in industrial decentralization, new technologies, work, organization, union activism, and the enormous and enveloping issue of climate chan

Can Xi Jinping’s “Chinese Model” Supplant Capitalist Democracies and Why Should Western Socialists Care? – Part 4

Given China’s drivers, it’s difficult to imagine how this trend could be halted or reversed short of the collapse or overthrow of the CCP. That’s coming but of course it’s impossible to predict when.

Can Xi Jinping’s “Chinese Model” Supplant Capitalist Democracies and Why Should Western Socialists Care? – Part 3

If Xi’s Chinese-style modernization has shattered the myth that modern-is-Western, then why is his economy still so dependent on Western science and technology?

Could the U.S. Become Involved in a War Between Venezuela and Guyana?

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro shows new map of Venezuela’s incorporation Eusebio Province of Guyana.
The United States has taken the first steps in becoming involved in a potential war between Venezuela and Guyana. President Nicolás Maduro of Venezuela is claiming the . . .

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Cornel West for President? – Part 6 – Jesse Jackson for President – 1984 and 1988

While many Black voters and others admired and took pride in his achievement, some on the left felt he had ultimately served the Democratic Party establishment.

From Chile to Palestine

One of the most brutal characteristics of dehumanization is the reduction of the other to something that is not a person, that is less than human, and that does not have the same rights or capacity to experience emotion other than pain.