Submitting Articles to New Politics

     From its inception, New Politics has sought to provide “a forum permitting and encouraging a free play of discussion, controversy and counterposition of ideas.” As the editors wrote in the very first issue, in 1961, “our journal is sponsored by socialists and radicals of widely differing opinions, and will be run editorially on this basis. Thus, heterogeneity of opinion in its pages will be sought after. However, the sole criterion of editorial selection will be neither conformity nor heterogeneity, but rather the ability of articles to stimulate thought and debate, and to contribute in some way to thinking out acute questions of politics and theory.”

     More than fifty years later, this nicely captures our editorial mandate. We are committed to publishing a smart, provocative, and principled journal of leftist analysis and debate. We are on the lookout for well-written, stimulating articles, reviews, and essays on topics of compelling interest to a broad, leftwing audience. We are particularly interested in material that addresses our core concerns of labor, race, social movements, intellectual history, and foreign policy. We are interested in strengthening our coverage of the arts and culture.

     New Politics is glad to consider articles for publication. We generally do not publish articles that have been published elsewhere. Please send submissions as MsWord or other compatible attachment to

     Please keep footnotes and/or endnotes to an absolute minimum.


Submitting Letters to New Politics

     New Politics welcomes letters responding to articles published in its pages.

     Letters intended for publication should be sent by e-mail to: with the words “for publication” at the top.

     We regret that letters cannot be acknowledged unless we plan to use them.