What They Say

What They Say

New Politics has served for many years as a thoughtful and constructive voice of the independent left. Its analyses and inquiries into a wide range of issues of critical importance have been a constant source of illumination. The journal has made significant contributions to the political culture, filling a role that is very badly needed.”

— Noam Chomsky

New Politics is an exciting venue for democratic debate. Constructive controversies and diverse perspectives enrich social justice theory and advocacy.”

— Gwendolyn Mink

New Politics has established itself as a leading independent radical journal. It is uncompromisingly committed to democracy and socialism while encouraging diversity and controversy. Its thoughtful, provocative articles have a permanent place in the literature of the American left.”

— Cornel West

New Politics speaks to a wide-ranging audience in a stimulating and thoughtful way with theoretical articles as well as essays on current political issues. It has an important place on my bookshelf.”

— Nancy Hartsock

“History, far from coming to a stop is quickening pace. But the left is bewildered. Its project has to be reinvented. For this it needs a genuine debate. New Politics, open and controversial, but also international and firmly anti-capitalist in outlook is a precious instrument in that search.”

— Daniel Singer (1926-2000)

“In these mean times when every aspect of economic, social and racial justice is under assault, when the poor are penalized and the rich rewarded, New Politics, more than ever, has a role to play as an independent journal of the socialist left.”

— Elaine Bernard

New Politics is one of the most exciting and serious American journals on the left today. As an eco-anarchist, I believe it provides a multi-spectrum forum for a wide range of articles. It is a welcome presence in a time of compromise with and adaptation to capitalist society. It deserves strong support from radicals of all kinds.”

— Murray Bookchin (1921-2006)

“For the best in independent left scholarship, I go to NP. It’s stimulating article son the major questions of our day makes it indispensible reading for anti-racist feminists as well as other dissenters from Bush’s America.”

— Ellen Boris

“International in perspective, democratic in spirit, and American in its roots, New Politics stubbornly refuses to surrender the dream of socialism or to give the reader the easy comfort of feeling history can only be observed.”

— David McReynolds (1929-2018)

“The editors of New Politics have stated their position and they will not yield an inch to bureaucracy, moral corruption or any of the thousands of little vices known to governments, labor organizations and liberal institutions. At once principled and controversial, theirs is consequently the most fearless and the most consistently radical journal that I see.”

— Paul Buhle

“It’s been a long, long history that the founders of New Politics and I have traveled together, with loops and turns along the way. New Politics has always been an essential part of my journey and to my thinking through the world we live in.”

— Deborah Meier

“For nearly two generations NP has been essential reading for anyone who seeks to make sense of the great social conflicts of our era.”

— Nelson Lichtenstein