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The Veracity of Fiction

With Radioactive Radicals, Dan La Botz has written a bold and unique novel that is ultimately a novel of questions and uncertainties.

Iran’s Presidential Election Puts Spotlight on Domestic Situation

[PDF][Print]In a poll conducted by Zamaneh in June 2024, Iranians  overwhelmingly said that the presidential election will not improve their lives.   69%  wanted a fundamental transformation of the political . . .

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Ukrainian Union Says Russia Intentionally attacks Civilians

The Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Ukraine (KVPU), a member organization of the International Trade Union Confederation and the European Trade Union Confederation, calls on the international community, the ITUC, the ETUC, and their member organizations, as well as the governments of democratic states, to strengthen their support for Ukraine.

Teamsters President Sean O’Brien Should Not Speak at the RNC

A speaking engagement at the Republican National Convention by Teamster President Sean O’Brien only normalizes the most anti-union party and President I’ve seen in my lifetime.

Socialists Should Advance Our Own Politics in 2024

The Democratic corporate centrist is the lesser evil to Trump, the wannabe rightwing dictator. But does that mean socialists should support the Democratic candidate to stop Trump?

Why Socialists Must Work to Defeat Trump and Elect Biden or Candidate X

A month ago, we had a debate in Solidarity on the question of the U.S. presidential election in which I argued the need to vote for Biden in order to defeat Trump.

Biden Must Withdraw for a Viable Challenge to Trump

[PDF][Print]If the current crisis within the Democratic Party does lead to Biden’s withdrawal from the race and a period of open debate and discussion to pick a viable presidential and vice-presidential team of candidates at the . . .

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France: We Need a Popular Front Based on the Social Movements

This thunderclap, which had been widely announced, must lead the popular and democratic forces of the left to unite in order to fight the evil at its roots. It’s five minutes to midnight!

Iran’s Hijab Law and Electoral Scrutiny

The Woman, Life Freedom Movement Will Not Bow

Gender issues are crucial in Iran’s presidential election, scheduled for June 28.

Cuba since COVID: Communist Party represses social unrest

“The conditions in Cuba are tough for those dissenting,” Alina Bárbara López says. “I have refused to flee Cuba and that strengthens the pressure on me. Nevertheless, I believe it is possible to get involved.”

How Biden Mutated into a Dove

While this mutation is a tribute to the importance of the protest movement against the war in the United States, we cannot ignore its opportunistic and hypocritical nature.

Loren Goldner (1947-2024): Crossing Paths with a Revolutionary Internationalist

Loren Goldner, activist and writer, passed away in Philadelphia on April 12, 2024. We first met through exchanging letters in July 1997.

How Israeli Universities Deny Palestinian Freedom

Review of Maya Wind’s new book, Towers of Ivory and Steel: How Israeli Universities Deny Palestinian Freedom

South Africa: Hanging On

Cyril Ramaphosa presides over a corrupt administration in a weak and stagnant economy and a society with extreme poverty and inequality. South African capitalism is a basket case. How long can it hang on without a massive reaction from its people?

On the Mexican Election: Manifesto of the Revolutionary Workers Party (PRT)

It is necessary to build a counter-hegemonic pole to the current “progressive” consciousness in order to grow into the revolutionary anti-capitalist consciousness.

The Struggle for Sudan

Khalid Mustafa Medani discusses the repression of the Sudanese Revolution of 2018-19, and the origins and dynamics of the devastating civil war between the two counterrevolutionary military factions.

Libertarianism and the Far Right

Not So Strange Bedfellows

The Libertarian Party has become just another flavor of the same reaction that propelled Trump to office in the first place.

Professor’s Letter in Support of Students in Geneva

I fully associate myself with the terms of the letter from the teachers and researchers of your university, in particular with their defense of academic freedom and respect for the formation of critical knowledge.

The Mexican Election – For an Independent, Anti-capitalist and Anti-Patriarchal Left Bloc.

In this panorama, different organizations and collectives of the independent left see the need to form an Independent, Anti-capitalist and Anti-Patriarchal Left Bloc to strengthen the organization and mobilization independent of the government and the right.

Launch statement of Zabalaza for Socialism

Launch statement of Zabalaza for Socialism (ZASO), a new eco-socialist, feminist, and anti-racist organization in South Africa, which aims to unite the left and contribute to building a mass movement for socialism in response to the crisis and failures of capitalism in the country.

University Unions United for Free Speech and Protest

A defense of free speech on university campuses from unions across the country