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The Struggle for Sudan

Khalid Mustafa Medani discusses the repression of the Sudanese Revolution of 2018-19, and the origins and dynamics of the devastating civil war between the two counterrevolutionary military factions.

Libertarianism and the Far Right

Not So Strange Bedfellows

The Libertarian Party has become just another flavor of the same reaction that propelled Trump to office in the first place.

Professor’s Letter in Support of Students in Geneva

I fully associate myself with the terms of the letter from the teachers and researchers of your university, in particular with their defense of academic freedom and respect for the formation of critical knowledge.

The Mexican Election – For an Independent, Anti-capitalist and Anti-Patriarchal Left Bloc.

In this panorama, different organizations and collectives of the independent left see the need to form an Independent, Anti-capitalist and Anti-Patriarchal Left Bloc to strengthen the organization and mobilization independent of the government and the right.

Launch statement of Zabalaza for Socialism

Launch statement of Zabalaza for Socialism (ZASO), a new eco-socialist, feminist, and anti-racist organization in South Africa, which aims to unite the left and contribute to building a mass movement for socialism in response to the crisis and failures of capitalism in the country.

University Unions United for Free Speech and Protest

A defense of free speech on university campuses from unions across the country

Open Letter from the Student Movement for Palestinian Liberation

We, the Student Movement for Palestinian Liberation, demand institutional accountability and immediate divestment from Israel and its genocide of the Palestinian people of Gaza.

Will they crush the biggest student movement since Vietnam?

In response to peaceful student anti-war protests against genocide, many school administrations have invited police onto campus for violent crackdowns.

No To Warmongering: Statement by a Group of Iranian Civil Rights Activists

We believe that in the current situation, saying “no to warmongering” is a necessary position both to reject the militarist structure of the Islamic Republic and to clearly delineate a stand against war and bloodshed in the region.

The Humboldt College Strike of 1970: Then It Was Vietnam, Today’s Its Palestine

At that time Humboldt State had about 5,000 students; about 3,000 showed up for the meeting and at least 2,000 students voted to strike.

Remembering the Portuguese Revolution

The Portuguese revolution began 50 years ago. Labor historian Raquel Valera looks back at the events of 1974-75 and their legacy for the working class and left today.

The Exercise of Power in the Cuban Revolution: From Below or From Above?

The verticality of the 1959 revolutionary process took us by its own logic and dynamism to the extreme authoritarianism and total absence of democracy in today’s Cuba.

Tue Apr 30, 2024 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM EDT

Online Meeting: The Communist Manifesto

A Road Map to History's Most Important Political Document

Join Phil Gasper, Sabrina Fernandes, and Vanessa Wills as they discuss the continued relevance of the Communist Manifesto in today’s political landscape.

No path to peace in Ukraine through this fantasy world

A critique of recent campist discussions of the Ukraine war.

The coming Israeli attack on Iran

There is little doubt that Israel will respond to Iran’s launch of three hundred and twenty drones, cruise missiles, and ballistic missiles on its territory with a major attack on Iran, and this for several reasons.

Indonesia’s Nepo Baby Takes Charge

Although only just elected, the trajectory of a Prabowo presidency is clear. At best, he will continue Jokowi’s policies, and at worst, he will take the nation in the same direction as the ill-fated Suharto regime.

Labor Education for All Workers

As the cause of labor has long declared “a new social order is needed.” Labor education will help create the possibility for this new social order—democratic control of our workplaces and communities—to emerge.

U.S. Economy: Saved by Immigrants

The pickup in U.S. growth last year came from a sharp rise in net immigration. In simple terms, more workers generate more goods and services.

Politics at the Oscars

The best films nominees themselves were in many cases particularly political.

Mexico: Sheinbaum and the Generals

laudia Sheinbaum, the ruling party’s 2024 presidential candidate, does not have AMLO’s power and is unlikely to enjoy his level of support among legislators.

Ireland and Ukraine’s Struggle for Independence, 1916–23

Ireland and Ukraine have some important parallels during the years 1916-1923