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University Unions United for Free Speech and Protest

A defense of free speech on university campuses from unions across the country

No path to peace in Ukraine through this fantasy world

A critique of recent campist discussions of the Ukraine war.

Ireland and Ukraine’s Struggle for Independence, 1916–23

Ireland and Ukraine have some important parallels during the years 1916-1923

Marot’s rejoinder to Pirani

John Marot defends his review from author Simon Pirani’s criticisms.

Simon Pirani replies to review by John Marot

Simon Pirani challenges John Marot’s review of his book on early Soviet Russia.

Stand Against Genocide and Imperialism, from Palestine to Ukraine

Statement of the Ukraine Solidarity Network on the Second Anniversary of Russia’s Full-scale Invasion of Ukraine

Ukraine and Palestine are both cases of imperialism

“Tensions are building in Ukrainian society as a result of neoliberal policies imposed by the government”

An interview with Oksana Dutchak, member of the Commons editorial team

An editor of the leftwing Ukrainian journal Commons discusses the dual enemies of Russian aggression and Ukrainian neoliberalism

Ecuador’s reactionary war

Ecuador has begun to experience a pattern of violence similar to that of Colombia and Mexico.

On Martyrdom

The meaning of martyrdom to Palestinians

Obstacles to Palestinian-Israeli Peace

Background on the Israel-Palestine crisis

Gaza, the West, and the Rest

How the Gaza conflict is viewed from the Global South

Poland: Women, youth mobilize in election to defeat reaction

How the right as defeated in Poland

The West cannot escape the extension of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Anne-Sylvie Sprenger interviews Gilbert Achcar on the Gazan conflict

An uprising for democracy in Guatemala

Protests that are part of an Indigenous-led national shutdown in Guatemala

Iranian Progressives Respond to Israel’s Genocidal Assault on Palestinians

Seeking justice in Iran and Palestine

Gaza: The Impending Catastrophe and the Urgency of Stopping It

The need to stop Israel’s assault

Adalah’s Statement following the Extreme Violence in Gaza and in Israel since Saturday 7 October 2023

Statement by the Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel

Imagine a Country

What happens when the right takes over a nationalist movement?

JVP calls on all people of conscience to stop imminent genocide

The attack on Gaza threatens massive human suffering

CARICOM must say no to UN intervention in Haiti

An alternative policy for Haiti in crisis

Israeli Conscientious Objector Haggai Matar: Hamas Attack Reflects Israeli Violence in Palestine

Interview of Haggai Matar By Amy Goodman and Juan González on Democracy Now!, Oct. 10, 2023

Israeli draft refuser discusses the roots of Hamas’s horrendous attack