Author: Saeed Rahnema

Saeed Rahnema is an award-winning retired professor of political science and public policy at York University, Canada. He was the founding director of York’s School of Public Policy and Administration and a director of the Middle East Economic Association. During the Iranian Revolution of 1979 he was a leading activist in the Left and Workers Council movement. This article is a revised version of a paper presented at the international conference “Imperialism and Empire in the XXI Century,” organized by the Economics Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, on the occasion of the centennial of Lenin’s “Imperialism ,the Highest Stage of Capitalism,” Moscow, October 2016. A Farsi version has been published in Naghd; pecritique website in Iran, June 2016.

Obstacles to Palestinian-Israeli Peace

Background on the Israel-Palestine crisis

Iran: Secular Revolt Against Clerical Tyranny

Background and prospects for the Iranian protests

Iran: Secular Revolt against Clerical Tyranny

Background and prospects for the Iranian protests

On the Centennial of Lenin’s Imperialism Thesis

Neoliberal Imperialism, The Latest Stage of Capitalism


One hundred years ago, in exile in Zurich during the spring of 1916, Lenin started writing one of his most important and influential works, his pamphlet on imperialism. What is the relevance of this work today?