The absence of solidarity is a mistake and a denial of humanism


We are descendants and friends of the exiles of republican Spain. Our relatives, our friends, suffered 86 years ago foreign interventions without which a squad of putschist generals could not have imposed on the Spanish people a bloody dictatorship that lasted for more than forty years.

War must not be the pursuit of politics by other means

As such, we can only condemn the military aggression decided by President Putin against a sovereign state, Ukraine.

It is under the aegis of the United Nations, with respect for the principles of international law and the diversity of the populations of the sovereign States constituting the international community, that possible conflicts must be resolved and not through war and occupation.

Descendants and friends of the republican exile, we know the suffering caused by the war. For many of us it was at the origin of a definitive exile.

Solidarity with those who suffer is a duty

Human rights organizations in France welcomed exiles from the Spanish Republic in often inhuman and undignified conditions.

Already hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians, women and children, are fleeing fighting seeking refuge in neighboring states.

We demand that our country, France, fulfills its humanitarian duties and finally respect a right of asylum that has unfortunately been undermined in connection with the recent conflicts in the Middle East and Africa.

Motion Passed by the Caminar Coordination after its General Assembly of 26 February 2022


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