The Ukrainian “Social Movement” Appeal to Leftists


The “Social Movement”’s appeal to Leftists around the world on how to help Ukraine stop Russian aggression and rebuild cities.

Greetings from Ukraine. As you know, there is a full-scale war going on in our country. Towns and villages are being destroyed and people are dying.

Social Rukh, which stands up for workers’ rights and fights for the ideals of democratic socialism. We’re doing our best to stop the war unleashed by Russian imperialism and get back to solving socio-economic problems. We hope that leftists around the world – for whom working-class solidarity and an anti-war stance are core values – will help us do just that.

  1. Help spread the truth about the war in Ukraine. The Russian army has invaded a foreign land for no reason. Thousands of Ukrainians and Russians have already died because of Putin’s desire to impose his political dictate on Ukraine and deprive it of its sovereignty. The Russian aggressors hypocritically justify their war crimes by the need of a so-called “denazification” of Ukraine.
  2. Help destroy Russia’s authoritarian regime. As long as Putin are in power, Europe is in danger. The assets of Russian capitalists must be confiscated worldwide. Demand sanctions against the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation and the severance of economic ties with them.
  3. Help the Ukrainian people defend themselves. We need public debt forgiveness as well as financial aid. Demand that Ukraine be provided with arms, and meds to help avoid more casualties. You can also join the foreign legions to fight against the Russian occupants.
  4. Support the left so that Ukraine can become truly democratic, and that the reconstruction of the country will not be at the expense of the workers and the disadvantaged.

Our people are heroically resisting the invaders, but the forces are not equal. We need international solidarity against the hydra of Russian imperialism.

We want to see Ukraine free and socialist.

Sotsialnyi Rukh (Social Movement) Ukraine

March 15, 2022.


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