Resolution of the Anti-War Round Table of the Left forces


[We at New Politics do not usually publish statements of groups from the Stalinist Communist tradition, such as the Communist Party of the Russian Federation.  We have decided to make an exception in this case because this statement comes not only from the CPRF but also from several other left groups. We do so because the CPRF and these other groups have joined together to issue a statement opposing Russia’s war on the Ukraine, and we see this as an important development on the Russian left. — Editors]

Moscow 24.02.2022

We, members of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, the Revolutionary Workers’ Party, the Russian Socialist Movement, the Socialist Action of the Left, citizens of Russia adhering to left-wing and democratic perspectives, declare the following with regard to the outbreak of hostilities on the territory of Ukraine:

  • We condemn Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine, as it will result in the deaths of thousands of people on both sides. The economic situation of workers in both countries will deteriorate. The current invasion is only intended to satisfy the odious ambitions of a narrow circle of Russian foreign policy leaders, and is also a way to divert attention from the Russian government’s domestic policy failures;
  • We demand that the Russian leadership immediately cease its aggression against our brothers and sisters of the Ukrainian people;
  • We call on all Russian citizens who adhere to left-wing and democratic perspectives to post on social media demands addressed to the Russian leadership to end the armed aggression against our brothers and sisters of the Ukrainian people. We urge you to lead an anti-war agitation with your neighbors, relatives, colleagues and other citizens of Russia!

If the current government is not able to bring peace to the people, then the way forward to achieve this will be a radical change of government and the entire socio-political system.

Evgeny Stupin (Communist Party of the Russian Federation)

Boris Kagarlitsky (Rabkor)

Grigory Yudin (sociologist)

Mikhail Lobanov (University Solidarity Union)

Kirill Medvedev (Russian Socialist Movement)

Alexey Sakhnin (journalist, former member of the Left Front)

Nikita Arkin (Socialist Left Movement)

Avramchuk (Revolutionary Workers’ Party)

Sergey Tsukasov (elected municipal councillor of Ostankinsky district)

Elmar Rustamov (Workers’ Russia)

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