Joint Declaration of French Unions


No to war: immediate withdrawal of Russian troops, solidarity with the Ukrainian people

Our organizations, CGT, FSU and Solidaires, condemn the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian armies, in violation of Ukrainian sovereignty and the Charter of the United Nations. The responsibility for the ongoing war lies with Vladimir Putin and his regime: his decision is tipping international relations into an unstable and dangerous period. Lasting peace in Eastern Europe requires an immediate withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukrainian soil and a return to diplomacy in order to find a solution that respects the rights of peoples.

Since 24 February, shelling and fighting have already claimed several hundred civilian lives, including more than a dozen children and thousands of wounded. Civilians become targets of war. In this alarming context, our organizations affirm their solidarity:

  • with the Ukrainian people who courageously resist the aggression, and in particular with the Ukrainian workers and trade union organizations;
  • with refugees who by the hundreds of thousands are fleeing the conflict. European borders must be open and assistance guaranteed for all refugees, regardless of their nationality or skin color;
  • with those in Russia and Belarus courageously opposing the war, braving political repression.

Our organizations recall their opposition to any military escalation, the consequences of which, unpredictable, can lead to a spiral and a confrontation of imperialisms to the detriment of the peoples. The path to long-term peace is through diplomacy, negotiated disarmament, funding for social and climate justice plans that should be the priority of states rather than reviving military budgets or expanding NATO.

On this basis, our organizations, CGT, FSU and Solidaires, call to participate in the demonstrations for peace that will take place throughout France on Saturday, March 5 and thereafter. In the immediate future, our organizations also express their readiness to organize, in an inter-union manner, concrete solidarity operations for the populations affected by the conflict.

Paris, 3 March 2022


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