Students fighting for their future – and ours – in Santiago, Newark, Chicago


Student protests in defense of public education as a right are spreading across the globe. The courage young people are showing is remarkable, as they confront governments who do the bidding of bankers while pretending to put “students first.”  Student protests in Chile have resumed, with between 80,000 – 150,000 young people taking to the streets in Santiago, to demand free public education. And now students in the US are teaching us how to reclaim the narrative of equal educational opportunity, which has been hijacked by neoliberalism. Worth a quick view: The Chicago students get set for their protest on April 24. Just two weeks ago, Newark NJ students organized a walkout.  Public schools and students are  “under-resourced, over-tested, and fed up!” say Chicago youth.  They are fighting for their (and our) future, and they deserve our whole-hearted support.

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Lois Weiner
LOIS WEINER is an independent researcher and consultant on teacher union transformation. She is a member of the New Politics editorial board.
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3 comments on “Students fighting for their future – and ours – in Santiago, Newark, Chicago
  1. Neil says:

       Being a child of the 60's

       Being a child of the 60’s and an active member of the student protest movement back in the day, I am well aware of how necessary it is for students to stand up and speak out on the important issues of their age.  Seeing and hearing about this movement makes me want to  get up and walk with them. . .

  2. "free" public education

    I hope they succeed so that taxi drivers, cashiers and firefighters will continue to fund my university studies with their taxes. Thank you! 

    • Lois Weiner says:

      Funding higher education – make the banks pay

      The students are demanding that bankers and hedgefunds pay for public education – not taxi drivers, cashiers, or the unemployed.  Right now working people subsidize profits for the corporations and banks. We have to change that, right?