Long Live the Syrian Revolution!


When the head of al-Nusra declared back in November that the Free Syrian Army didn't exist, journalist Rami Jarrah went to north Aleppo and asked people what they thought about that and found that despite the claims of al-Nusra and some leftists who should know better, the FSA was still around.

And now that there is a fragile ceasefire, many of the activists who had been forced underground by the barrel bombs have come out in the streets to make clear that they are still demanding Assad's ouster, calling for an end to the regime, and supporting a democratic Syria.


Last week, I had a debate with my friend Justin Podur in which I argued that basic principles of the left should lead us to support and be in solidarity with the Syrian revolution. Here's the audio of that debate.

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STEPHEN R. SHALOM is on the editorial board of New Politics.

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