Greek children starve – and teachers are blamed for the crisis


The union representing Greek secondary school teachers has asked for messages of support.  The Greek government has banned its strike and other public employee unions have come out in support of the teachers. Mary Compton’s newly-reconfigured website about teachers’ global resistance to neoliberalism’s destruction of public education has the information about the strike and how/where to send messages of support.  As was clear from the NY Times article about the ban, the government is whipping up anti-teacher and anti-public employee sentiment by claiming that they are privileged. No mention, of course, in the NY Times coverage of the strike ban about the rapacious profiteers who are benefiting from the crisis, watching children starve – literally.  The crisis is being blamed on teachers! I’m writing my message of support right now. Hope you do too!

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LOIS WEINER, a member of the  New Politics editorial board, writes widely about education, labor, and politics, specializing in teacher unionism. She is currently researching the challenges for teachers unions in the political and economic terrain since 2016.  


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