Turkey Massacre: The Culprit is the AKP!



Strikes, boycotts, marches and demonstrations were held throughout Turkey on Oct. 12 in protest against the massacre at the Labor, Peace and Democracy Rally in Ankara on October 10 that killed at least 97 people, with funerals of the victims being held one after another, daily Hürriyet reported.

Turkey’s leading labor unions and professional organization–the Confederation of Public Sector Trades’ Unions (KESK), the Confederation of Progressive Trade Unions of Turkey (DİSK), the Turkish Medical Association (TTB) and the Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects (TMMOB)—called for a nationwide strike and boycott for Oct. 12 and 13 to protest the massacre. The Revolutionary Workers Party has issued this statement. –  Dan La Botz, Co-Editor

Turkey is rapidly being transformed into another Syria. Terrorists protected by the state explode bombs in the midst of tens, maybe even hundreds of thousands of people in the capital city of Ankara.  Over one hundred deaths, close to four hundred wounded… And this massacre is taking place in a Turkey where the government has not lifted a finger to go after the perpetrators of the pre-election explosions in Mersin, Adana and Diyarbakir and the bombing in Suruç on July 20.  Thus even before attempting to figure out who the perpetrators are this time, we can point our finger at the AKP government without hesitation.

The goal is not only to turn Turkey into a country where civil war mongers, sectarians and takfiris [those who declare all others as non-believers] have a free hand. The future of the AKP and Tayyip Erdoğan is now completely dependent on such organizations. They are in a controlled kind of conflict with ISIS, hiding a deeper collusion. But there are so many other organizations in the picture: İBDA-C, the Kurdish Hezbollah parading as an innocent legal party (Hüda-Par), the so-called Ottoman Corps, the Turkoman Brigades… You name it. Do not ask who carried out the bombings in this massacre. Ask who caused bombings to become an indispensable aspect of Turkish politics. Again all fingers will point at Tayyip Erdoğan and the AKP government.

An NGO meeting had been organized in Ankara the week before last. They were supposedly declaring “No to terrorism, yes to fraternity!”. Then a similar meeting organized by the AKP and the state was held in Istanbul. Later, in Rize [Erdogan’s home town on the Black Sea coast] the infamous mafia leader Sedat Peker spoke at another rally standing in front of Erdoğan’s full-size posters. He cursed terrorism and declared that soon blood would flow wide as a river in the whole country. And what about state terrorism? Why are you all silent about the bombings in Ankara, Mersin, Adana and Diyarbakir? Why are you all ignoring the police gassing even the dead in Ankara and intimidating people who ran to the aid of the wounded by shooting in the air?

The message of this massacre is very clear: it is forbidden to hold demonstrations in Turkey! Or more precisely, it is forbidden to hold demonstrations against Tayyip Erdoğan and the AKP. The message is: “We’ll destroy all those who attend these demonstrations!”

This is not how things will go forever! Your days are counted! The time is getting close when all your crimes will be revealed! You will not only be toppled, but you will also be put on trial!

Central Committee of DIP

Revolutionary Workers Party

10 October 2015

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