Signs of Hope in Demonstrations of Solidarity with Gaza


ImageLast Thursday was a national day of protests in solidarity with the people of Gaza, with demonstrations being held across the United States, with follow-up events in many places. There was also a Friday demonstration in New York City that I attended. This demo—like Thursday’s—was quite large, with perhaps 1,500 people. Friday’s had sizable numbers of Arab and Muslim protesters, while Thursday’s had groups, such as Jewish Voice for Peace, opposed to Israel's policies vis-a-vis Palestine, and of course at both there were many other folks of all ethnicities.

On Friday, there were Palestinian flags everywhere and one young man who was carried on a friend’s shoulders led the group in shouting, “Free, free, free Palestine.” Here are a couple of pictures from the Friday event, conveying some of the powerful ideas and sentiments expressed.






















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DAN LA BOTZ is a Brooklyn-based teacher, writer and activist. He is a co-editor of New Politics.

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