My Deeply-Held Religious Convictions


Dedicated to Indiana’s new Religious Freedom Restoration Act

prevent me from
condoning, or
tacitly tolerating
any form of
assholery whatsoever,
in any way, shape,
or form.
Therefore, as a
Hoosier professing these
religious convictions,
I hereby declare that
I will
in no way
or pander to
any type of
under any
while I reside
in the
State of Indiana;
but will
discriminate against
any and all
I come into
contact with!
No exceptions!
(And no,
no exception
for you,
Governor Pence—
or for
any member
of the
General Assembly
who made
this legal atrocity
the law of the
Hoosier land.)

George Fish is a socialist writer living in Indianapolis. This poem first appeared on his blog.

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