Issue number: 61

Whole Number: 61

The Contemporary Crisis of the American Ideology


Surveying the political scene in America, we are now witnessing the shattering of the last remnants of the American ideology that has maintained itself—despite strains—for almost 70 years. The ideas that justified the American economic and political system in the minds of most of our citizens throughout that long period came under stress during earlier storms—from the 1950s to the 1970s in particular—and a few beams and joists cracked but did not give way. Today the manifold crises of capitalism mean that the entire existing intellectual structure of American capitalism is breaking up. And because of the role that the U.S. capitalist class plays in the world, this represents a crisis of world capitalist leadership and legitimacy. The question then arises: What will the country’s rulers attempt to put in its place, and what alternative explanation will we on the left and in the labor movement be able to offer to the country’s workers?

The Foreign Policies of Sanders, Trump, and Clinton

America and the World in 2016 and Beyond


The world today is faced with crises on virtually every front, and any assessment of the foreign policy positions of the two major parties’ 2016 presidential candidates must measure how well they respond to these crises. 

From the Editors

We have had an extraordinary presidential primary in 2016: in addition to the establishment candidate, Hillary Clinton, we have an authoritarian demagogue, Donald Trump, who has unleashed a reactionary rage which harkens back to fascism, and another, Bernie Sanders, who calls himself a democratic socialist.

New Politics Vol. XVI No. 1, Whole Number 61

From the Editors
The Foreign Policies of Sanders, Trump, and Clinton: America and the World in 2016 and Beyond, Joanne Landy
The Contemporary Crisis of the American Ideology, Dan La Botz
Welfare Reform and the Ghost of the “Welfare . . .

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