Declaration of Solidarity With the Kurds and People in Resistance in Northern Syria


In response to the U.S. troop withdrawal from Syria, decided by the President Donald Trump and his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, and in anticipation of the impending military attack of the free people in Rojava that this deal enables, we consider it urgent and necessary to state the following:

1. – The Commune of Rojava represents the first political, anti-capitalist project in the Middle East that, based on Democratic Confederalism, promotes an alternative understanding of social organisation, which is based on non-state autonomy, self-determination, direct democracy and the fight to patriarchy. The autonomy of Rojava is a possible utopian world where interculturality, different and righteous gender relations and respect for Mother Eart are developed day by day. Rojava demonstrates that we must not resign ourselves to the atrocities in our time.

2. – The first result of the struggle for autonomy in Rojava has been holding back the Islamic State and its fundamentalism. Today, this deal undermines the efforts made by the Kurdish militants, jeopardizing the important achievements YPG and YPJ made against IS in Southern Syria to date. As a matter of fact, Kurdish forces will have to relocate in order to protect Rojava’s northern border from the Turkish invasion.

3. – The war against the autonomy of Rojava, which was built on the ruins of the Syrian State, has been going on systematically for years: attacks and invasions have been the norm. Following the U.S. military forces withdrawal from the Turkish-Syrian border, this threat becomes more dangerous, and Turkey’s hostility towards those who fight for democracy turns into a real chance of genocide.

For these reasons, us signers of this declaration – scholars, students, activists, social and political organisations, people coordinating and in resistance – express our solidarity with the struggle of Kurds and people of Northern Syria, and shout our anger at this latest capitalist and patriarchal attack from the Turkish State, which is happening in the loud and complicit silence of the European Union and international organisations, and demonstrates how Human Rights are only defended when they obey the laws of the markets.

Defending Rojava means defending those who resist every day, in the Middle East as in every other part of the world, against the advancing atrocities. This declaration is a cry of rage, indignation and solidarity with our Kurdish brothers and sisters, who fight and die in the name of freedom and democracy.

Que viva la vida! Que muera la muerte!

Rojava is not alone!

In solidarity

John Holloway

Sergio Tischler

Fernando Matamoros Ponce

Calos Figeroa

Jerome Baschet

Noam Chomsky

Sylvia Marcos

Jean Robert

David Harvey

Arjun Appadurai

Etienne Balibar

Teodor Shanin

Barbara Duden

Michael Hardt

Marina Sitrin

Carole Pateman

Donna Haraway

Raquel Gutierrez

Boaventura de Sousa Santos

Federica Giardini

Dora Maria Hernandez Holguin

Francesca Gargallo

Giacomo Marramao

Alfonso Garcia Vela

Roberto Xavier Ochoa Gabaldón

Vittorio Sergi

Aldo Zanchetta

Lucia Linsalata

Kathleen Bryson

David Graeber

Edith Gonzales

Gustavo Esteva

Raul Zibechi

Alexandros Kioupkiolis

Paolo Vernaglione Berardi

Anna Rosa

Antonio Lucci

Luigi Sonnefeld

Fabio Milana

Mina Lorena Navarro

scott crow

Umberto Franchi

Imanol Antonio García Verges

Luis Menéndez Bardamo

Elaine Santos

Arturo Escobar

Joan Martinezalier

Viviana Asara

Ines Duran Matute

Jill Rease

Alberto Bonnet

Sergio Uribe

Paola Rafanelli

Juan Miguel Ortiz Reparaz

Esther Patricia King Davalos

Francisco Javier Villanueva Vázquez

Daniele Fini

Giuseppe Lo Brutto

Cecilia Zeledón

Màrgara Millán

Luisa Riley

Raúl Ornelas

Daniel Inclán

Rita Laura Segato

Raffaele K. Salinari

Philippe Corcuff

Roberto Giovannini

Angela Micheli

Maurizio Pallante

Larisa de Orbe

Jorge Alonso Sánchez

Evelyn Fox Keller

Balam Pineda Puente

Dalia Morales

Juan Wahren

Mercedes Escamilla

Juan Carlos Mijangos Noh

13 October 2019


Originally posted at the People’s Democratic Party website.

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