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Journalists’ Statement on Ukraine:

We, the undersigned organizations, stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine, but particularly Ukrainian journalists who now find themselves at the frontlines of a large-scale European war.

Alain Krivine: French Revolutionary Socialist – 1941-2022

Alain Krivine, a French revolutionary socialist, died today March 12 at the age of eighty.

Russian War on Ukraine Churns American Politics

The Russian war on Ukraine has completely roiled American politics.

For Peace and Unity Among all Peoples

All refugees and migrants should be welcomed in France and in Europe whatever their nationality.

Trade Union (Britain): Unite Executive Council – Statement on Ukraine crisis

The Unite executive council unreservedly condemns Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and stands in full solidarity with the millions of victims of the attack

The World According to Russian Propaganda

We at New Politics don’t usually publish rightwing positions or articles from state agencies, but we make an exception here because we believe it is important to understand Vladimir Putin’s worldview and his long-term goals.

U.S. Unions Oppose Putin’s Invasion of Ukraine

AFL-CIO joins the global labor movement in condemning Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, and we stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine.

Zapatista Statement on Russian Invasion of Ukraine

To resist is to persist and it is to prevail. Let us support these relatives in their resistance, that is, in their struggle for life. We owe them and we owe it to ourselves.

A Letter to the Western Left from Kyiv

I am writing these lines in Kyiv while it is under artillery attack.

Spotify Itself Is Misinformation

If big-money artists, like Neil Young, are speaking out against Spotify but not mentioning the company’s exploitative practices, then Spotify couldn’t have asked for a better distraction from its wretched business model.

Brazil’s Wounded Reactionary

Bolsonaro’s failure to deliver on the economy and his atrocious response to the COVID-19 pandemic may be the main reasons why his approval rating, as of November, sits at 19%.

Stop Russian aggression in Ukraine !

We condemn and denounce Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and express our full solidarity with the attacked people. For the self-determination of the peoples of Ukraine and for a Ukraine free from the clutches of Russia, NATO and the US and European imperialists!

No to Russia’s Imperialist Aggression against Ukraine

Statement from Swiss Solidarity, a socialist organization.
A few days after Moscow recognized the independence of Ukrainian separatist territories in Donbass, Vladimir Putin’s army launched a massive attack on Ukraine on February 24, with airstrikes and ground invasion. A few hours . . .

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Belarusian Labor Union on War in Ukraine

We apologize for the shame, the shame that the Belarusian government has imposed on all Belarusians, becoming an ally of the aggressor and opening the border with Ukraine.

Our Attitude Towards Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

Saturday 26 February 2022,
This petition now circulating among Chinese academics on Chinese social media is being now censored by China’s Internet overseers.
The war began in darkness.
In the early hours of February 22, 2022 (the evening of February 21 in Moscow), . . .

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Letter of protest to President Putin of Russia

The use of nuclear weapons can only lead to mass destruction and inhumane and catastrophic consequences, as the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki have shown.

CNDP (India): Statement on Ukraine

The Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace (CNDP) India, expresses its grave concern at the situation in Ukraine.

Statement of Hong Kong Universities’ Students on the Russian Invasion and War on Ukraine

We oppose not only the military aggression commanded by Putin, but also NATO, which has led to the crisis in Ukraine ; we stand in solidarity with thousands of anti-war demonstrators in Russia to insist an internationalist anti-war stance.

The absence of solidarity is a mistake and a denial of humanism

We can only condemn the military aggression decided by President Putin against a sovereign state, Ukraine.

Exodus to the Ukraine-Poland border: “They turn us away because we’re black!”

Many Africans fleeing the war in Ukraine claimed on social media that they had been rejected at the Polish border because of their skin color.

Joint Declaration of French Unions

Our organizations, CGT, FSU and Solidaires, condemn the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian armies, in violation of Ukrainian sovereignty and the Charter of the United Nations.