Author: Cornel West

CORNEL WEST is a philosopher, political activist, social critic, author, and public intellectual. He teaches at Union Theological Seminary. His most recent books are Pro+Agonist: The Art of Opposition (2012) and Black Prophetic Fire (2014).

Cornel West: America Is A Failed Social Experiment

“We’ve reached a point now a choice between nonviolent revolution — and by revolution what I mean is the democratic sharing of power, resources, wealth and respect…[or] if we don’t get that kind of sharing you’re going to get more violent explosions.”

The Democrats Delivered One Thing in the Past 100 Days: Disappointment


The time has come to bid farewell to a moribund party that lacks imagination, courage and gusto

The distinctive feature of these bleak times is the lack of institutional capacity on the left – the absence of a political party that swings free of Wall Street and speaks to the dire circumstances of poor and working people. As the first 100 days of the plutocratic and militaristic Trump administration draw to a close, one truth has been crystal clear: the Democratic party lacks the vision, discipline and leadership to guide progressives in these turbulent times.