Against the coup intervention in Venezuela!

This statement was issued by the PRT, Mexican section of the Fourth International, on 23 January 2019.

The Workers’ Revolutionary Party (PRT) stands emphatically against the new attempted coup d’état and imperialist intervention against Venezuela. In an open and cynically orchestrated campaign called by the Vice President of the United States, Mike Pence (given Trump’s discredit to Latin America) in a video circulated during the night of 22 January, to give the starting flag to a strategy that led in a matter of hours to self-proclamation – without anyone voting for him – of the real usurper Juan Guaidó as “president” of Venezuela. Following this self-proclamation, there was an avalanche of “recognitions” of the supposed new government by presidents and governments all over the world, some openly neofascist, and with no democratic tradition at all, from Trump himself to Macri and Bolsonaro.

We resolutely join the national and international campaigns condemning this attempted coup d’état and imperialist intervention that violates the minimum basis of national sovereignty, for which the peoples of our America have fought for more than two centuries. We call for the broadest popular, unitive, internationalist and democratic mobilization against the coup, which means that – regardless of all differences, criticisms and oppositions – the government has democratic legitimacy based on the ballot box and, in any case, cannot be overthrown by means of an imperialist coup. Let it be the Venezuelan people, free, sovereign, and democratically who decide their future.

No to the coup d’état in Venezuela!

For an anti-imperialist and sovereign solution to the Venezuelan crisis!

Partido Revolucionario de los y las Trabajadores Mexican Section of the Fourth International Mexico City 23 January 2019

Originally posted at International Viewpoint.


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