Scott Brown's Win in Context


To put the Massachusetts Senate win of Republican Scott Brown in context…

     — People are fed up w/ corrupt Democratic politicians: Indicted, Chuck Turner (councilman), Dianne Wilkerson (state senator), Sal DiMasi (former Speaker of the House); convicted and disbarred, Thomas Finneran (former Speaker of the House)

     — Mass. has had a series of Republican or right wing Democrat governors and would-be’s (William Weld, Paul Celucci, Jane Swift, John Silber , Ed King, Mitt Romney). All of these are or pretended to be socially liberal, while being very conservative fiscally

     — I think Brown was able to scare many people into thinking that their health ins. rates might rise. And this  is not irrational. With no public option (thanks to Brown’s Repub. friends and bluedog Dems), what is to prevent the insurance companies from jacking up prices, esp. since 35 million more people – many of whom are indigent – will be on the rolls?

     — And Obama’s close association with Geitner, Emanuel, and Summers only angers people. Goldman Sachs is a bigger beneficiary of Obama’s regime than the jobless or someone facing foreclosure.

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