Letter of Support and Solidarity to Greek Transport Workers


The following open letter was issued yesterday.

January 26, 2013

Letter of Support and Solidarity to Greek Transport Workers

     We have read about your strike against threatened pay cuts and the Greek government’s emergency decree and use of riot police to force you back to work. We are horrified by the attempt to toss your contracts aside; your pay is already not adequate to maintain a decent standard of living.

     We stand with you and all in Greece who are resisting the barbaric austerity regime, and we hope for a new government in Greece that can defend the interests of ordinary people ¬ sooner rather than later. We write this in solidarity with your struggle, in the full understanding that it is not only your living standards that are at stake (though that would be reason enough to write), but also that the Greek extreme neoliberal “experiment” will be imposed on the rest of us if it is allowed to succeed.

     Our best wishes for your success!

Joanne Landy and Thomas Harrison
Campaign for Peace and Democracy
New York City

For more information on Greece, see the Campaign for Peace and Democracy website.


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