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Nearly 60% of Americans claim that they want a new major political party. With nearly 50% of voters not identifying as either Republican or Democrat, it’s time to get new voices on the national stage. 

Sign the petition to get more candidates who actually represent you in on the debates!

Every four years you hear the same “blah blah blah.” It’s on the TV, social media, newspapers, magazines, radio, and everywhere else you could possibly catch it. Every four years there’s new faces and the same old broken promises.

Something has to change.

It’s not for lack of trying that we never see any third parties in the debates. The Republicans and Democrats know that forcing voters to choose between two parties is the best way for them to stay in power without actually fixing anything.

As the 2020 presidential candidate for the Green Party, Howie Hawkins believes that you deserve better than to have your livelihood played with by the two-party establishment.

It’s time for real change that can only come from opening the debates!


The deck is stacked against third parties so it’s going to take all of us to put an end to this. With over half of voters saying that the US needs a third party, this is more than possible if everyone pitches in and does their part to open the debates to third parties.

While we’re at it, we’re also demanding an even playing field for all candidates!

We mean:

  • No more media blackouts! Give third parties screen time and representation in polls!
  • Restructuring the Commission on Debates to be a NON-PARTISAN organization!
  • A standard where ALL candidates included on enough ballots to have a chance at actually winning the presidency

As it stands, Trump and Biden have both chosen to ignore Howie Hawkins’ challenges to a debate. Are they incapable of debating? Perhaps they’re too scared to debate someone who is actually keeping to the issues and not falling into their bread-and-circuses approach to politics?

The few seconds that it takes to sign this petition can be the make-or-break difference between getting politicians who actually want to EARN your vote or another who-knows-how-many years of your rights and needs as an American being ignored.

It’s up to you.

Sign now!

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