Issue number: 69

Whole Number 69

After the Sanders Campaign

The Struggle for Power Continues

Takeaways from the Sanders campaign and recommendations on a possible road forward.

We Are the Saviors We’ve Been Waiting for

Moving on from Bernie

The effort of the media, the DNC, and the Dem establishment to bring Bernie’s campaign to a grinding halt highlights the limits of electoral politics.

Robbers, Takers, and Givers

Capitalism, Patriarchy and Racism Exposed

A review essay of Tithi Bhattacharya’s collection “Social Reproduction Theory: Remapping Class, Recentering Oppression”

New Politics Vol. XVIII No. 1, Whole Number 69

From The Editors
The Movement for Black Lives Is Different This Time, Haley Pessin
Special Section: The Covid Crisis

Pandemic, Depression, and Authoritarianism, Dan La Botz and Sherry Baron
Coronavirus and the World Economy, Alejandro Reuss
A Global View of Coronavirus, Medical Policy, and Research, . . .

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