Issue: Winter 2012

New Politics Vol. XIII No. 4, Whole Number 52

The Greek and the European Crisis in Context

At the beginning of the new millennium, Greece, a weak, peripheral nation in the European economy, was still licking its wounds from the greatest politico-financial scandal in its post-war history — the collapse of the Athens stock exchange. The wild stock market speculation had been fuelled by often-repeated statements from various government officials (with Finance Minister Yiannos Papantoniou leading the chorus) that the upward trend was an accurate reflection of the robust state of the real economy.

Wrestling on Shaky Ground: Israel, Palestine, and the Decline of a Superpower

Since the beginning of 2011, Israeli politicians, generals, and diplomats displayed a growing nervousness in anticipation of "September," i.e., the proclaimed Palestinian intention to seek a full United Nations Membership for the State of Palestine.

Music of Change: Politics and Meaning in the Age of Obama

In a classic essay[1] George Orwell describes himself as "amazed when I hear people saying that sport creates goodwill between the nations." Rather it leads to "orgies of hatred" as "young men . . . kick each other on the shins amid the roars of infuriated spectators."

Obama, Austerity, and Change We Really Can Believe In

Barack Obama took office three years ago on a euphoric wave of aspirations.

From Occupy Wall Street to Occupy the World: The Emergence of a Mass Movement

The Occupy movement has changed the American political landscape. We are at the opening of a new mass movement and a radicalization that presage an era of coming social upheaval and class conflict that require the left to both analyze these developments and to develop a strategy to intervene. The left today, small, divided, and weak, must develop an approach that will make it possible for it to grow and unite so that it can influence events.

Derrick Bell: Fighting Losing Battles

When Derrick Bell published Gospel Choirs in 1996, he sent me a copy with this inscription: "Our job is to turn out the truth. God’s help is needed to get the truth accepted." This epigrammatic note — principled resolve, on the one hand, and pessimism born of despair, on the other — encapsulated the two sides of Bell’s world view.

New Politics Vol. XIII No. 4, Whole Number 52

Campaign for Peace and Democracy Update on Bahrain
Derrick Bell: Fighting Losing Battles, Stephen Steinberg
Occupy Wall Street Declaration
From Occupy Wall Street to Occupy the World, Daniel La Botz
On War Tax Resistance, Lawrence Rosenwald
Obama and Debt Ceiling Crisis, Jack Gerson
Music of . . .

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