Internationalist Manifesto Against the War


Anticapitalist Organisations of Russia, Ukraine, and NATO Countries

The criminal war launched by Russian imperialism against Ukraine is the most serious threat to world peace since the end of the Cold War. It brings the world closer to a global conflagration than at any time since Mikhail Gorbachev’s peace initiatives.

The main culprit for this dangerous evolution is US imperialism, which took advantage of the fall of the Soviet Union in order to consolidate its global military network, expand its presence in various parts of the world and launch invasion wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Washington fostered in Russia and Eastern Europe the adoption of a brutal neoliberal program that created conditions for a far-right drift in most of these countries, especially Russia where it supported Boris Yeltsin’s antidemocratic coup in 1993.

To stress this historical responsibility of the Cold War’s victor does not in the least exonerate the far-right government of Vladimir Putin of its Great-Russian expansionist ambitions, its own militaristic drive and increased global reactionary interventionism and, above all, its murderous invasion of Ukraine, the most brutal invasion of one country by another since the US invasion of Iraq.

In addition to the terrible devastation and death that it brought to Ukraine, the Russian invasion has boosted the global militaristic drive and reinvigorated NATO after years of obsolescence. It is being seized as an opportunity for a sharp rise in military expenditure benefitting military-industrial complexes. This comes at a time when NATO governments themselves keep stressing that Russia’s force has been very much overrated, as proven by the heroic Ukrainian resistance, and when U.S. military expenditure alone is close to 40% of the global total, three times that of China and more than twelve times that of Russia.

As anticapitalist forces, we are as much in solidarity with the Ukrainian people’s resistance as we are radically opposed to this global militaristic drive. We therefore stand indivisibly for the following demands:

  • Immediate and unconditional withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine
  • Support for the Ukrainian resistance and its right to get the weapons it needs for its defence from whatever source available
  • Support for the Russian antiwar movement
  • Russia should be forced to pay reparations for what it has inflicted on Ukraine
  • No to any increases in military expenditure—we pledge to launch, as soon as this war ends, a new campaign for global disarmament, the dissolution of all imperialist military alliances and an alternative architecture of international security based on the rule of law.
  • Open doors in all countries to all refugees fleeing wars in any part of the world

Signatories (as of 11 April 2022):

Social Movement (Sotsialny Rukh) – Ukraine

Black Flag – Ukraine

Russian Socialist Movement (RSD) – Russia

Liberation Road – USA

Solidarity – USA

The Tempest Collective – USA

International Marxist-Humanist Organization – USA

Green Party of Onondaga County (New York) – USA

SAP – Antikapitalisten / Gauche anticapitaliste – Belgium

Midnight Sun – Canadian State

Anti-Capitalist Resistance – England & Wales

Nouveau Parti Anticapitaliste (NPA) – France

Fondation Frantz Fanon – France, Martinique

Elaliberta – Greece

Rproject-anticapitalista – Italy

SAP – Grenzeloos – Netherlands

International Marxist-Humanist Organization – UK

***To sign this Manifesto (collective signatures only), write to:

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