Free Russian Political Prisoners!


         We the undersigned call for the liberation of the Russian political prisoners, both those already condemned, and sent to the new Gulag, like the two feminist activists of the Pussy Riot group, and those in jail awaiting trial – some 20 activists, socialists and anti-fascists, in connection with the demonstrations against Putin on May 6th. We endorse the call of the Russian Left organizations — Russian Socialist Movement (RSD), Autonomous Action, Left Front — to organize Days of Solidarity Against Political Repression in Russia between 29 November and 2 December, in front of the Russian Federation Embassy or any other representative institutions of the Russian government in our countries, demanding the immediate release of the illegally arrested or condemned and the immediate end of procedures based on torture and forgeries.

Gilbert Achcar, political scientist, Athena Athanassiou, philosopher, Jean Batou, historian, Etienne Balibar, philosopher, Olivier Besancenot, former presidential candidate, Alex Callinicos, political scientist , Noam Chomsky, linguist, Samuel Farber, historian, Nancy Holmstrom, philosopher, Rada Ivekovic, philosopher, Isabelle Garo, philosopher, Joanne Landy, historian, Michael Löwy, sociologist, Stéphanie Prezioso, historian, Catherine Samary, economist, Jeanne Singer, sociologist, Enzo Traverso, historian, Eleni Varikas, political scientist.

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