On the Brussels Attacks


The following statement was made by the Revolutionary Communist League-Socialist Workers Party (LCR-SAP) of Belgium following the attacks in Brussels. 

The LCR-SAP condemns in the most energetic fashion the cowardly terrorist attacks that were perpetrated on 22 March in Brussels. No political or religious motivation can be an excuse for these heinous crimes. The LCR-SAP expresses its support and its profound solidarity with all the innocent victims of this blind violence.

The LCR-SAP also calls for greater democratic vigilance in the face of the new warmongering, racist and Islamophobic security drive that these terrible events are likely to encourage, in Belgium and beyond, on the part of politicians and the mainstream media. Just days after the cries of triumph from the authorities following the arrest of Salah Abdeslam, after the shameful European agreement to turn back the refugees, after another deadly attack in Istanbul and a Russian bombardment of Raqqa in Syria, which left dozens of civilians dead, we can see once again that we do not fight terror by bombing the Syrian people, supporting dictatorial regimes, putting the army on the streets, stigmatizing a community (with racist measures such as deprivation of nationality),by throwing refugees into the sea and limiting democratic freedoms. And that on the contrary, these policies of terror only fuel terrorist organizations and correspond perfectly to their goal, which is to deepen sectarian hatred and to suffocate society. We reiterate our conviction that nothing will protect us as long as our society is based on injustice, violence and exclusion, at home and abroad.

In these tragic circumstances, the LCR intends to honor the victims by advocating a radical shift towards a generous social policy, based on solidarity, democratic freedoms and the fight against inequality in this country and in the world. It is with life that we combat a policy of death.

First published in English in International Viewpoint.



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