Author: René Rojas

René Rojas is a doctoral candidate in Sociology at New York University whose research focuses on labor and neoliberalism in the Southern Cone. He follows and has been active in social movements in Guatemala, Mexico, and Chile.

Socialist Electoral Strategy

Comment on Recent Elections in Argentina

The Frente de Izquierda y los Trabajadores (the Left and Workers Front) or FIT went into last week's election with confidence. The new electoral alliance, comprised of the older and more doctrinaire trotskist formation Partido Obrero (Workers Party) or PO, the newer PTS (Socialist Workers Party), and the smaller IS (Socialist Left), hoped to build on recent electoral successes, including double digit tallies in a few provincial elections, and continue advancing along the ripples of youth and rank-and-file discontent against looming austerity and layoffs.

Elections in Chile

Historic Defeat of the Right or a Win for Post-Pinochet Neoliberalism?

Image“¿Qué Nueva, Qué Nueva, Qué Nueva Mayoría? ¡Si van a gobernar pa’ la misma minoría!” (“What New Majority? They’ll rule for the same old minority!”)

FEL student demonstrators