Author: Abundia Alvarado

Abundia Alvarado (she/her) is a Nahuatl-Chiricahua Apache [naa·Waa·tul Ah-pah-che] Trans femme migrant from Tenochtitlan [Teh-no-cheet-lan] (so called Mexico city). She is a community organizer for food autonomy, indigenous rights, lgbtq2s rights, and more. Currently she is working on mutual aid regional systems in the South of so-called USA; her primary focus is focused on her idea/ concept of “The Sacred Web of Abundance”, a funding philosophical, political and organizing tool for her organizing and life. She is the co- founder of the Atlanta Queer and Trans/GNC agriculturalist collective Mariposas Rebeldes and a very new Anti Scarcity Action Foraging Collective that aims to focus on working on reconnecting, both personally and collectively, with the Atlanta Web of Abundance. She is also a member of the Weelaunee [Wee-law-nee] Coalition, a group dedicated to defending the Weelaunee Forest from destruction, stopping the construction of Cop City and rematriate Weelaunee Forest. To support Abundia’s vital work, visit @NahuatlKweer on Paypal and $Coatl66 on CashApp.

Stopping Cop City and Reconnecting with Abundance

Interview with Abundia Alvarado of Mariposas Rebeldes

Interview with Abundia Alvarado, a co-founder of Mariposas Rebeldes and a member of the movement to protect Weelaunee Forest from the construction of Cop City.