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Hundreds of Bahrainis join call to end US support for Bahrain gov't

NEW YORK, N.Y., May 24 2011 — In a response that surprised U.S. organizers of a campaign calling on the United States government to repudiate its partnership with the Al Khalifa regime in Bahrain, hundreds of people from Bahrain joined in signing the Campaign for Peace and Democracy’s launching statement “End U.S. Support for Bahrain’s Repressive Government.”

End U.S. Support for Bahrain's Repressive Government

[This sign-on statement organized by the Campaign for Peace and Democracy, “End U.S. Support for Bahrain’s Repressive Government,” will be of interest to many NP readers. Please support the statement by adding your name to the signer list by clicking here.]

End U.S. Support for Bahrain’s Repressive Government

Statement by the Campaign for Peace and Democracy

May 2011

CPD Statement on Libya

The Campaign for Peace and Democracy has issued a statement “We Support the Libyan Democratic Revolution and Oppose Western Military Intervention and Domination.” Please circulate it widely.

We Support the Libyan Democratic Revolution and
Oppose Western Military Intervention and Domination

By Thomas Harrison and Joanne Landy
Co-Directors, Campaign for Peace and Democracy
April 6, 2011

Nuclear armageddon and the experts

     New Politics readers will be interested in reading Mina Hamilton’s sharp analysis of Japan’s nuclear crisis in her recent article on Dissident Voice. Since the article was published on March 16, Mina has added the following note:

Simple Solutions

There are three simple solutions to the deficit, Medicare, and the Social Security problems.

CPD statement on Egypt

The Campaign for Peace and Democracy issued the statement below about the democratic revolution in Egypt.

Egypt After Mubarak

Statement by the Campaign for Peace and Democracy
February 14, 2011

Schaar on Tunisia

Stuart Schaar has written an especially astute analysis of events in Tunisia and beyond. His article was published on February 6 in Mumbai, India by the Economic and Political Weekly. Schaar is the co-author of THE MIDDLE EAST AND ISLAMIC WORLD READER. He is professor emeritus of Brooklyn College and is now living in Morocco.

The Media, the Poor, and SSI

         I wrote a letter to the Boston Globe in response to a series of 3 articles that appeared in the Globe describing how parents are desperately trying to get their children on SSI (Supplemental Security Income) and are persuading doctors to prescribe medication so the children will be eligible.

Explaining Poverty

Stephen Steinberg’s Boston Review article “Poor Reason: Culture still doesn’t explain poverty“ is a breath of fresh air, reminding us that the path toward ending poverty is creating decent jobs for everyone.

Campaign for Peace and Democracy Iran sign-on

New Politics readers and friends are invited to sign the Campaign for Peace and Democracy statement “End the War Threats and Sanctions Program Against Iran – Support the Struggle for Democracy Inside Iran.” The statement is being circulated widely in the United States and internationally. To sign on or see the evolving list of signers go to

Joanne Landy and Thomas Harrison, Co-Directors, CPD, The statement along with a selected list of signers is below:

Marching with the Socialist Contingent

Tomorrow, Oct. 2, I will be marching in the Socialist Contingent at the big march in Washington, DC.

We will gather at 10am at 12th and Constitution and march with the Peace Table. Join us if you can!

Open Letter of Solidarity with Egyptian Workers from the Campaign for Peace and Democracy, April 30, 2020

We are writing to extend our heartfelt solidarity and support to you, Egyptian workers, who in recent months have been courageously demanding that your government address your desperate economic conditions. The American press has been shamefully muted about the grim economic and political realities of life for people in Egypt, a key strategic U.S. ally in the Middle East.

Hic Jacet Humptus – with a bow to the late William Buckley

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the king’s horses
And all the king’s men
Couldn’t put Humpty together again

How much can a citizen expect of his state?

Before we rush into the breach with solutions that only create more problems, solutions like more welfare, more job-retraining programs, more touchy-feely therapy, in short, more middle class boondoggling in a mind-boggling bureaucracy, let us try to find out what caused the problem.

Addicted to war

Kathryn Bigelow, the director of The Hurt Locker, claims that many men in Iraq and Afghanistan are addicted to war. If this is true, could it have something to do with the fact that GIs today do not face the endless bombardment from airplanes, field artillery, and tanks that World War II soldiers did?

I served in the 88th Infantry Division in Italy and I never met anyone so addicted. Had we met someone like that we would have considered him “Section 8,” that is, seriously disturbed.

Does that mean that many gung-ho GIs now serving in Iraq and Afghanistan are Section 8?

Help Haitian Popular Radio Mobilize the Haitian People after the Earthquake

Below is an appeal from Mark Dow for the Haitian popular radio work of New Politics writer Sony Esteus and his colleagues in the wake of Haiti’s devastating earthquake. I hope you can make a contribution, even if it is modest. Send a donation to our office, New Politics, 155 W. 72nd Street, Rm 402, NY, NY 10025 or go give through PayPal on our website As always, gifts to New Politics are tax deductible; please indicate that the donation is for Haiti. To contact Mark directly, write him at
In solidarity,
Joanne Landy, member, New Politics editorial board

The Swiss Healthcare System a Model for the U.S.?: Even the Swiss Are Growing Dissatisfied with Private Insurance!

The Swiss health insurance system, which mandates every individual to buy private health insurance, has been held up by many as a realistic model for the United States. In Switzerland, however, private insurers are far more highly regulated than is conceivable to imagine in the U.S. for example, they are not allowed to make profit on “basic” coverage. Yet even so, as my friend Dennis Clagett who lives in Switzerland has written to me, popular dissatisfaction with the country’s healthcare system is mounting due to the way that the private insurers have behaved.

Worcester on NP & Covers

Former New Politics editor Kent Worcester has written a nice appreciation of New Politics and its covers by Bob Gill.

Judi Chamberlin

     Judi Chamberlin, one of the founders of the mental patients’ liberation movement, died January 2010 at her Arlington, MA home from chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, a lung disease, at the age of 65.

Scott Brown's Win in Context

To put the Massachusetts Senate win of Republican Scott Brown in context…

Our Run-Ins with Wilhelm Reich

Both of us had been in Orgone (Reichean) therapy for most of the 1950s, and we still believe it was efficacious. Orgone therapy involves tearing down the muscular armor of the body’s defense mechanisms – neck armor, jaw armor, chest armor, eventually pelvic armor, sometimes with the therapist’s palpitations of the patient’s rigidity. It is an attempt to go beyond Freudian psychoanalysis in that it deals not only with a patient’s dreams and free association but also with the physical manifestations of repressed hatred.

Can a New Public Option Be A Step to a Single Payer?

These are my remarks in a debate/discussion on the topic “Can a New Public Option Be A Step to a Single Payer?” sponsored by Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), July 22, 2009, at Bluestockings Bookstore, Manhattan. I was debating with Mark Hannay. Can a New Public Option Be A Step to a Single Payer? My answer is “no.”The movement for healthcare reform is facing a great opportunity