Nuclear armageddon and the experts


     New Politics readers will be interested in reading Mina Hamilton’s sharp analysis of Japan’s nuclear crisis in her recent article on Dissident Voice. Since the article was published on March 16, Mina has added the following note:

“The latest: radioactive steam continues to pour out of several stricken reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear complex. All six reactors now appear to be in trouble. Gregory Jaczko, the Chairman of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, appears before the US Congress. Warning of ‘extremely high radiation,’ Jaczko says one irradiated fuel pool is totally without coolant. Meanwhile, Japan desperately tries to provide sea-water coolant via helicopters and water-cannons.”

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One comment on “Nuclear armageddon and the experts
  1. Byfiles says:

    While the whole world,

    While the whole world, including Russia, is watching the situation in the nuclear power plant accident in Japan, from the Ural region received disturbing information about one of the largest Russian centers for processing of radioactive materials – Industrial Association “Mayak”.
    A certain anonymous group of people who call themselves by his employees, sent a letter to local media, in which the impending disaster alerts at this site. “Natural disasters and man-made disaster of the past – it’s nothing compared to nuclear Armageddon, which is waiting for us,” – say they are.
    Message to President Dmitry Medvedev, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and the heads of state corporation “Rosatom” and reporters arrived, in particular, the editor of “New Region”. The authors explain that their names do not show for their own safety, but can not be silent, as the situation requires emergency measures.

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