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Statement of Solidarity & Support for WALDEN BELLO amidst Narco-Tagging incident

Support Walden Bello from an attempt to smear him as a narco-terrorist

Are Tankie Politics Racist?

Ani White and Gayaal Iddamalgoda argue that so-called “tankie” politics, meaning support for “actually-existing socialist” and “anti-imperialist” states, erase struggles in the Global South.

The Philippine Left in a Changing Land

Under Duterte’s authoritarian rule, the Philippine left is faced with new difficulties.


Memories of Struggle and Despair in the Philippines


In the foreword to Subversive Lives: A Family Memoir of the Marcos Years, the authors write it “was not intended to be about communists and communism”—still the book provides remarkable insights into the Philippine communist movement. The book is a collective memoir of the surviving Quimpo family, relating their lives during the years of the Marcos dictatorship from the early seventies to the mid-eighties. With many of the siblings involved in the revolutionary movement, their memories furnish stories of underground organizing, imprisonment and torture, repression and resistance.

Puerto Rico and the Philippine Example

ImageIn a recent op-ed in the New York Times, Nelson Denis describes the horrendous economic situation in Puerto Rico and compellingly shows the source of the problem to be the continuing colonial exploitation of the island by the U.S. government acting on behalf of key U.S.