New Politics 2.0


New Politics is passing quite a milestone – or two of them, come to think of it. The first issue of its original series appeared in the fall of 1961. After it suspended publication in 1978, our founding editors, Phyllis and Julius Jacobson, still had the itch to foster radical ideas and debate, resulting an anthology, Socialist Perspectives (1983). They relaunched New Politics in 1986, which means that we can now celebrate both its 25th and 50th anniversaries.

The journal has outlived its founders, but their commitment to an activist, thoughtful, and democratic radicalism remains as timely as it could possibly be. A few days ago, while setting up a Facebook page for New Politics, I imagined trying to explain it to P&J, and it felt like the strongest point would be that we’d be better able to bring articles to the attention of new readers. And young readers, in particular – some of whom might then become contributors.

That would have clinched the deal, probably. At a time of global economic crisis, impending ecological catastrophe, and frequent eruptions of protest and democratic revolt, the legacy of New Politics can’t just be celebrated. We have to put it in circulation, and add to it. Please have a look at our Facebook page (here’s that link again) and consider joining the fray. And if you have ideas for articles, topics we should engage, or means to bring New Politics into emerging discussions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

If you’ve read this far, you were pretty interested, right? Isn’t that worth a few bucks -maybe more?  Please donate and  subscribe to help provide our informative, timely analysis unswerving in its commitment to struggles for peace, freedom, equality, and justice — what New Politics has called “socialism” for a half-century.

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