Issue: Summer 2011

New Politics Vol. XIII No. 3, Whole Number 51

A Young Radical’s View of Marriage

A University of Michigan study[1] found that becoming a wife creates seven added hours of housework per week for women. For men, housework decreases by one hour per week after marriage. Another way to say this is that gender roles some like to claim are dead are in fact alive and well. The study took a "nationally representative" sample of couples (including, presumably, some who believed they were flouting the division of labor) and relied on time-diary data from 2005.

Good Neighbor Imperialism: U.S.-Latin American Relations under Obama

THE EXPECTATIONS FOR CHANGE in U.S. policy toward Latin America when Barack Obama was elected president seemed as high among most governments and citizens of Latin America as the expectations of the voters in the United States who cast their ballots for him. Many analysts believed that the relationship between the region and the United States had reached a new low point during the two terms of Obama’s predecessor, President George W. Bush.

Global Governance and Revolution in the 21st century: Strikes, Austerity and Political Crisis

GLOBAL GOVERNANCE IS ARGUABLY THE NAME for what might pass these days for "a committee for the management of the affairs of the bourgeoisie as a whole" – though we should recall that the much repeated phrase by Marx and Engels stated that "the executive of the modern state" filled this role, not, for instance, the legislature or other state institutions.

New Politics Vol. XIII No. 3, Whole Number 51

From the Editors
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General Strikes and Massive Demonstrations Challenge Neoliberal Reforms in France, Richard Greeman
Revolutionary Challenges in Tunisia and Egypt: Generations in Conflict, Stuart Schaar
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Global Governance and Revolution in . . .

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