Puerto Rican Day (Against Colonialism?)

International Call to Support the People of Puerto Rico


International Call to Struggle and for Solidarity against the Imposition of the Oversight Board (Junta) in Puerto Rico

We invite the international community and the Puerto Rican diaspora to join us in struggle and solidarity with Puerto Rico’s present situation.

Let’s remember that Puerto Rico has been a colony of the United States since 1898. Ever since that invasion up to our present time, the United States and the colonial government of Puerto Rico have imposed a series of laws for economic and political gain (Foraker Act in 1900, Jones Act in 1917, Gag Law in 1947, Puerto Rico Federal Relations Act in 1953, Public Law 7 in 2009) which have disrupted the social, economic, and political reality of the oldest colony in the American continent.

They have submerged us in a desperate economic crisis, with the intent of continuing to steal our resources while the living conditions of our people continue to rapidly deteriorate, thus exacerbating the precariousness of healthcare and education, rising costs of living, rampant unemployment, and rising criminality rates.

A massive emigration has (again) reached unimaginable levels, while there is no stopping the delivery of our country to big interests for their businesses and vacations.

Puerto Rico has become similar to Greece, with a debt higher than 73 billion dollars owed to Wall Street’s financial capital. The Oversight Board (P.R.O.M.E.S.A), born out of H.R. 5278, pretends to bleed out the country for the benefit of the creditors (vultures).

With the imposition of said board, true to the style of soft coups perpetrated by U.S. imperialism and local elites, the following would be established.

The Oversight Board (Junta) in 12 points:

1.The seven members who would compose the board would be chosen directly and solely by the Federal Government. Only one of the members would have to reside or own a business in Puerto Rico. Not even Puerto Rico’s Governor or the local Legislature would have any power within the board or over the decisions that the board makes.

2.The board would last a minimum of 4 yrs. There is no yearly limit established.

3.The board would control the entire budget and laws of the country.

4. It could render ineffective, at any moment, any laws already approved.

5. It could sell assets (goods, properties, buildings, and public corporations, among others).

6. It would decide which laws would pass and which wouldn’t, using criteria based on financial impact, even if it means a deterioration of the lives, health, and social resources of the people.

7. It would have the power to freeze job vacancies as well as to reduce and fire personnel. The board rejects laws and measures related to overtime pay.

8. It would submit those aged 20-25 to economic exploitation by imposing a minimum wage of $4.25 per hour.

9. It would eliminate the right to strike.

10.It wouldn’t include economic incentives

11. It would not bring equality in Medicare and other federal funds. It would NOT protect retirement.

12. It would only protect the economic interests of capitalism

We call on the Puerto Rican diaspora in every corner of the world, social movements, and internationalist political organizations to show solidarity and organize against the Oversight Board.


Visit https://juntecontralajunta.wordpress.com

Find information and agitation tools. Organize your neighborhood and your community, doing teach-ins and information sessions, distributing newsletters, protesting and marching against the Oversight Board.

¡Let’s build the Resistance!

No to the Oversight Board!
No to colonialism!
No to imperialism!

Junte contra la Junta (Puerto Rico)

twitter: JunteContraLaJunta @NoALaJunta

Comité Boricua en la Diaspora (New York)

decolonizepr@gmail.com (Chicago, USA)

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