Author: Lee Wengraf

Lee Wengraf is an activist based in New York City and the author of Extracting Profit: Imperialism, Neoliberalism, and the New Scramble for Africa (Haymarket Books, 2018). Her writing has appeared in Review of African Political Economy, Pambazuka News, International Socialist Review, Socialist Worker, AllAfrica, Jacobin, Truthout, Red Pepper, Green Left Weekly, and the Indypendent.

Will Africa Be the Last Oil Frontier?

In the wildlife preserves of the Okavango Delta—home to 200,000 people and spanning parts of Namibia and Botswana—a Canadian oil company is drilling for oil over the fierce opposition of indigenous people, activists and environmental experts.

U.S. Imperialism and Africa’s “Perfect Storm”

Public Health Crisis, War, and Financial Crash

Public health crisis, financial crash, and the new scramble for Africa.