Author: Poe Yu-Ze Wan

Poe Yu-ze Wan is associate professor at the Department of Sociology, National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan. His current research interests include social theory (especially the Marxian tradition and the relationship between evolutionary theory and social theorizing), philosophy of social science (especially systems thinking, the question of emergence, and the project of “analytical sociology”), political sociology (especially the democratic innovations in Taiwan and Latin America), and translation studies (especially translation in the social sciences). He is the author of Reframing the Social: Emergentist Systemism and Social Theory (Ashgate, 2011), which systematically examines the implications of Mario Bunge’s philosophical system for social research. He has published widely on philosophy of social science, social theory, and political philosophy in both English and Chinese.

Beyond Fear and Complacency

Critical Remarks on Taiwan’s Democracy and Its Aporia

ImageBoth inside and outside Taiwan, the research on Taiwan’s democratization has been overwhelmingly dominated by Western liberal discourses.