Author: William Tabb

WILLIAM TABB is the author of, among other books, The Restructuring of Capitalism in Our Time (Columbia University Press, 2012), Economic Governance in the Age of Globalization (Columbia University Press, 2004), and The Amoral Elephant: Globalization and the Struggle for Social Justice in the Twenty-First Century (Monthly Review Press, 2001). He taught at Queens College and at the CUNY Graduate Center. Bill has been Visiting Scholar at Kansai University, Osaka, Japan, and Visiting Professor of Economics at University of California, Berkeley.

Getting Serious About Class Dynamics: Culture, Politics and Class

Labor historians have detailed how the structure of the workplace, the cultural aspects of community, and spatial patterning all impact class consciousness. From coal mining that paradigmatically has the workers living in the hollow and the bosses on the hill to the ethnic enclaves of steel town where different nationality/ethnic groups each occupied their own distinct neighborhoods with taverns, union halls and churches, socialization matters.