Author: Gil Schaeffer

Gil Schaeffer was a member of SDS from 1967-1970 and of the Revolutionary Union from 1970-1975.  His paper, “You Can’t Use Weatherman to Show Which Way the Wind Blew: The Unfinished History of the New Left; Participatory Democracy, Marxism, and the Goal of a Democratic Constitution,” can be downloaded at  

The Curious Case of the “Democratic Road to Socialism” That Wasn’t There

In an article last year (“Marxism, the Democratic Republic, and the Undemocratic U. S. Constitution,” New Politics, 7/30/2019) I argued that there are major political and historical blind spots and inconsistencies in current debates over socialist strategy.  The main inconsistency . . .

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Marxism, the Democratic Republic, and the Undemocratic U.S. Constitution

The debate over socialist strategy that kicked off with Bernie Sanders’ 2016 campaign has now been going on for almost four years.  Over that time parties to this debate have delved deeper into the history of socialism and Marxism in . . .

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