Author: Lawrence Rosenwald

Lawrence Rosenwald is a member of New England War Tax Resistance and teaches English and Peace and Justice Studies at Wellesley College. The first version of this essay, written after the author had begun refusing war taxes, but before the IRS had levied, was published in the Nov. 1989 Life & Taxes (NE WTR, Box 174, MIT Branch, Cambridge MA 02139). Another was completed in the winter of 1991, and a slightly different version was published in Agni Review, vol. 35, 1992.

On War Tax Resistance

Doing tax resistance has for me been connected with thinking about Thoreau, whose works I often teach in my classes. I used not to teach "Civil Disobedience," but only Walden I admired "Civil Disobedience" very much, but couldn’t bring myself to teach it.