Author: Jorge Robles

JORGE ROBLES is one of the six co-presidents of the Authentic Labor Front (FAT), an independent labor federation, and Secretary of Relations of the National Union of Workers (UNT), a larger independent federation to which the FAT belongs. He has been a labor organizer, labor historian, and formerly taught literacy in Mexican prisons.

Notes Toward a Vision of The Workers' Movement in Mexico

TRANSLATED BY DAN LA BOTZ To the memory of Dale Hathaway and Antonioin Villalba IN ORDER TO EVALUATE AND UNDERSTAND the current situation of the workers’ movement in Mexico as power has shifted from the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) to the National Action Party (PAN), it is important to understand the character of the Mexican regime and its historical development. Does a change in the ruling party represent the beginning of a democratic transition and a change in the system?