Author: Vincent Présumey

VINCENT PRÉSUMEY is a union secretary in the Allier region. He writes in a personal capacity.

Why (and how) to campaign for the liberation of Boris Kagarlitsky

We express our solidarity with Boris Kagarlitsky and demand his immediate release, as well as that of all those detained on political grounds.

France: Crescendo of the Class Struggle

In France we have just experienced a great wave of strikes that directly addressed matters of political power. French history is defined by explosions of militancy which, for our governing class and for most of our journalists, are a "French sickness" that would be good to get rid of: before 2003 there was 1995; before 1995, 1968; before 1968, 1953 and so forth, all the way back to the Revolution. But this time there is something new: the latest wave of militant action is not an end to itself and is only an introduction.