Author: Russell Pregeant

Russell Pregeant is Professor of Religion and Philosophy and Chaplain, emeritus, at Curry College. He was also Visiting Professor of New Testament at Andover Newton Theological School for over a decade and is the author of several books, including Knowing Truth, Doing Good: Engaging New Testament Ethics (Fortress, 2008), and Encounter with the New Testament: An Interdisciplinary Approach (Fortress, 2009).

The Bible on Community, Poverty, and Riches

The religious right is wrong on many points, but perhaps its most outrageous distortion of truth is its use of the Bible in support of predatory capitalism. The Hebrew prophets’ bombastic indictments of the exploitation of the poor by the rich are fairly well known outside the boundaries of right-wing fundamentalism.[1] What I emphasize in this article is a broader point: the centrality of economic justice in ancient Israel’s self-understanding as a community in covenant with God and in the New Testament as well.