Author: Mel Packer

Is It Time To Be Outlaws Again?

Only large-scale civil disobedience will make our leaders address economic injustice.

In 1989, Bob Dylan recorded a song titled “Everything Is Broken”. That song seemed to go largely ignored, perhaps because it seemed to be only a pessimistic lament that offered no suggestions for how to go about fixing the “everything”.

But as with many of his songs, it was prophetic. Lately, many Americans are  experiencing the feeling that everything is broken, but people in many other countries have had this feeling for a long time.

Coal Miners Are Mad…and Scared. And They Have a Right to Be

In 1968, the Mannington Mine in Farmington WV owned by Consol Coal, caught fire, blew up, and 78 miners were buried, many likely alive.


In 1972, a Consol mine in Blacksville, WV, caught fire and 9 miners were buried (again, likely alive) when Consol sealed the mine off to stop the fire and save the coal.