Author: William Mosley

Bill Mosley, a DC-based writer and activist, is a former board member of Stand Up! for Democracy in DC ( and a member of the steering committee of Metro-DC Democratic Socialists of America.

Removing the Stigma of Past Incarceration: “Ban the Box” Laws

Picture yourself going into a job interview, as many readers of this publication no doubt recently have done or will do in the future. You have a solid record of experience relevant to the position, but you will still need to stand out in a large field of candidates for the same job. Imagine your employer asking the usual questions about your background and suitability for the job, which you handle with ease. Then comes the question: “You checked the ‘yes’ box for the question on whether you have been convicted of a crime.

The District of Columbia: From the Oldest Colony to the 51st State?

On a warm evening in early April, a rally on Washington, DC’s Capitol Hill took a turn for the dramatic when protestors surged into Constitution Avenue, blocking rush-hour traffic. U.S. Capitol police arrested 41 of the demonstrators, among them District of Columbia Mayor Vince Gray and six members of the DC Council.