Author: Ravi Malhotra

RAVI MALHOTRA is a disability rights activist and member of the New Democratic Party in Canada.


Against the Law

The perils and possibilities of law as a tool for social transformation have been debated by legal scholars and advocates for social justice for many years.

The New Politics of Disablement: The Contribution of Mike Oliver

Mike Oliver, Emeritus Professor of Disability Studies at the University of Greenwich in England, has died at the age of 74 after a short illness. . . .

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Theories of Disablement

     In the United States and in other OECD countries, the majority of disabled people live in poverty.

Disability Rights Symposium: Introduction

All too often, socialists, like others, have regarded disability as a personal tragedy. Left publications rarely discuss it or debate it and activism by people with disabilities has been ignored by the left, notwithstanding the fact that Americans with disabilities are among the most marginalized of citizens in terms of income level and poverty rates.

Empowering People with Disabilities

When most on the left think about the politics of caregiving, they think about finding a caregiver for their elderly parent or daycare for their preschool child. Or they think about the (frequently romanticized and flawed) feminist debates that interrogate whether there is a feminist ethic of caring and the implications of this for feminist politics.